Missions and attributions of the General Secretariat

The General Secretariat of the Conference contributes to the achievement of the objectives of this Treaty.

To this end, it :

  • ensures the preparation, execution and monitoring of the work of the Council and the Commission;

  • make, if it deems necessary, to the Council all proposals for amending or supplementing the single legislation and give all opinions relating to the achievement of the objectives of this Treaty;

  • adopt the implementing regulations for acts established by the Council;

  • carry out, on its own initiative or on the instruction of the Commission, the supervision of approved insurance and reinsurance companies in the territory of the Member States;

  • transmits to the Council the files submitted by the Director General of IIA and the Director General of CICA-RE;

  • transmits to the Council an annual report on the execution of its missions, on the activity of the Conference and on the situation of the insurance sector.