Regional Insurance Control Commission (CRCA)

Presentation and attributions

The Regional Insurance Control Commission is the regulatory body of the Conference. It is responsible for the control of companies, it provides general supervision and contributes to the organization of national insurance markets.


As part of its supervisory task, the Commission organizes documentary and on-site supervision of insurance and reinsurance companies operating in the territory of the Member States. To this end, it has the control body constituted within the General Secretariat of the Conference.


The findings useful for the exercise of control carried out by the National Insurance Departments as part of their own missions are communicated to it. On-site inspection can be extended to parent companies, subsidiaries of controlled companies, any intermediary or technical expert under the conditions determined by the single insurance legislation.


When it notes the non-observance of insurance regulations or behavior which jeopardizes the execution of commitments entered into with the insured, the Commission orders the company concerned to take the corrective measures it designates. Failure to execute corrective measures within the prescribed time is subject to the disciplinary sanctions appropriate to article 312 of the Insurance Code.


The Commission may also impose fines and order the automatic transfer of the contract portfolio. These decisions must be reasoned. For the execution of disciplinary sanctions, the Commission proposes to the Minister in charge of the insurance sector, if necessary, the appointment of a provisional administrator.