Protection mission

The economic and financial need to jointly pursue the rationalization of the national insurance markets of the member countries and the need to strengthen the protection of the insured, beneficiaries of insurance contracts, capitalization and victims of damage, constitute the two challenges of the treaty establishing an integrated organization of the insurance industry in African states, the Inter-African Conference on Insurance Markets (CIMA).

Thus, the Regional Insurance Control Commission (CRCA) ensures that the companies subject to its control respect the rules of conduct in force, in order to ensure treatment in accordance with the regulations, fair and professional of the insured, the beneficiaries of insurance, capitalization and damage victims contracts. The Commission also aims to raise awareness among the general public about insurance activity and practices.

The protection missions of the CRCA are divided into the following axes :

  1. Control of business practices of companies in:
    • identifying risk factors ;

    • performing on-site and on-site checks ;

    • establishing recommendations for good practice applicable to the profession.

  2. Monitoring contracts, products, services and advertising campaigns, and this by :

    • detecting breaches of laws or regulations ;

    • monitoring financial situations, injunction objectives and recommendations ;

    • monitoring interventions and controls ;

    • identifying changes in business practices and the development of new products.

  3. Raising awareness of the general public by providing them with all the information and practical advice to be well insured.