Word of welcome from the Secretary General of CIMA

The Secretary General


Dear Internet users, dear readers;

CIMA CIMA is a unique example of the integration of the regulation and supervision of the insurance industry comprising 14 countries in West and Central Africa. This integration allows insurance companies to easily duplicate success stories and good practices from one Member State to another.

The mission of CIMA is to work for the healthy and harmonious development of the insurance industry by ensuring the protection of policyholders and beneficiaries of contracts and the financial stability of economies.

This integrated organization combined with the commitment of all stakeholders has enabled the sector to record significant progress over the past ten years. The average annual growth rate is 9%. Investments made by insurers in the economies of the various Member States amounted to 2,073 billion CFA francs in 2017 for 1,830 billion CFA francs in technical provisions.


With regard to the protection of insured persons and beneficiaries of contracts, the regulations adopted by the Council of Ministers, the work and orders of the Regional Insurance Control Commission and the controls carried out by the General Secretariat of CIMA CIMA through its brigades have allowed to change and develop positively, many market practices, for a fair treatment of policyholders and beneficiaries. Claims paid in 2017 amounted to 528 billion CFA francs.


However, public confidence in the insurance industry is far from over. Reforms remain to be carried out to significantly improve the image of the sector and allow insurers to exploit the full growth potential of insurance in each of the Member States.


One of the major constraints is the many obstacles in the process of caring for and compensating victims in the event of a traffic accident. With regard to the predominant place of automobile insurance in the CIMA zone and the economic, social and reputational impacts, the identification and elimination of obstacles to the compensation process remains a real concern.


In addition, questions relating to digitalization, the evolution of distribution channels for insurance products, the performance of information systems, the profitability of life insurance products, the evolution of financial markets, consolidation and unification of markets is also a concern.


The General Secretariat of CIMA is conducting discussions and working with all the stakeholders to address these questions and bring about the significant transformations expected for greater development of the insurance industry and better service to the insured and beneficiaries of contract.


Our website is a privileged instrument for exchanging with you on all these questions and keeping you continuously informed of developments and progress.



Thank you

The Secretary General,
Blaise Abel EZO’O ENGOLO