Request submission process

1st step : first contact your insurer (the insurance company) or your counsel (your broker).

The insurance companies issuing your insurance contract must be able to respond to all your complaints concerning the execution of commitments arising from the contract or from a court decision.


2nd step : contact the National Insurance Department (DNA) of the country where the company issuing the insurance contract is located.

The DNAs, organized by the member States, serve as intermediaries for the action of the Regional Insurance Control Commission (CRCA) in the member States.

They are responsible for :

  • ensure compliance with the application of regulations ;

  • monitor the progress of disputes arising on the market between insurers on the one hand and between insurers, insured and beneficiaries of contracts on the other ;

  • communicate to the CRCA the results of the technical controls they carry out ;

  • collect the necessary data: statistics, assessment, studies, surveys ;

  • carry out a pre-study of accreditation request files ;

  • manage the insurance contracts taken out by the State and ensure the proper drafting of their clauses ;

  • authorize the exercise of the profession of intermediary and ensure compliance with the professional qualification and solvency rules which apply to this profession ;

  • exercise control over the technical experts who assist in the assessment of claims and the proper performance of contracts.

If the dispute remains after this process, you can contact the General Secretariat of CIMA by filling out the form here.

The CRCA will examine your complaint as a supervisory authority and, if necessary, will take the most appropriate action, in accordance with legal provisions and within the scope of its powers.