Council of Insurance Ministers (CMA)

Presentation and attributions

The Council of Ministers of the Conference is the governing body of the Conference. It ensures the achievement of the objectives of this Treaty.

To this end :

  1. It adopts unique insurance legislation. Within the framework of this mission, it modifies and completes by regulation the single insurance code annexed to this Treaty;

  2. It defines the Conference policy on training in the insurance sector;

  3. It oversees the application of the single legislation by the Member States and the execution by them of the obligations arising from this Treaty;

  4. It constitutes the only appeal body against disciplinary sanctions pronounced by the Regional Insurance Control Commission;

  5. It fixes its rules of procedure, the statutes of the organs of the Conference and of the specialized agencies as well as the statute of the personnel of the organs of the Conference;

  6. It adopts the rules of procedure of the Committee of Experts.

The Council meets and deliberates validly if at least three quarters of its members are present or represented.

The Council shall decide on the interpretation of this Treaty and of acts drawn up by the organs of the Conference at the request of a member State, or on its own initiative if it appears that differences of interpretation appear in the decisions of national courts. are likely to obstruct the uniform application of the law of the Conference. The interpretations established by the Council are binding on all national administrative and judicial authorities.

The Council adopts, after the opinion of the committee of experts, the budget of the Conference on a proposal from the Secretary General before the opening of the budget year and fixes, before the end of each calendar year, the contributions in respect of the Member States to the functioning Conference and IIA bodies for the following year.

The Council adopts, on a proposal from the Secretary General, the financial regulations specifying the procedures relating to the establishment and execution of the budget of the Conference, the rendering and the verification of its accounts.