Article I :

These Internal Rules are established in accordance with article 19 of the Statutes of the Regional Insurance Control Commission hereinafter called the Commission.

Article II : Object

Its purpose is to fix the methods of application of the statutes of the Commission.

It specifies and supplements the provisions of the texts in force without entering into contradiction with them.

Article III : Session

The Commission meets as often as necessary, and at least twice a year, when convened by its Chairman, either on his own initiative, or at the request of one third of its members, or at the request of the Secretary General.

The calendar of meetings is set annually.

However, on unforeseen questions, the solution of which is of an urgent nature, the Commission may meet outside the periods fixed in the annual calendar according to the procedure provided for in paragraph 1 of this article..

Article IV : Representation

The members of the Commission may not give power of attorney and may only be represented by their alternate designated in accordance with the procedures provided for by the texts in force.

The President may, with the agreement of the Commission, invite external personalities, because of their expertise, to participate in meetings thereof, with a view to obtaining opinions on such subject or dossier.

Article V : Oath

Members of the Commission and alternates take oath in writing before the President.

Article VI : Quorum

The Commission can only sit validly if nine of its members are present or represented by the deputy.

Article VII : Agenda

The President decides, on a proposal from the Secretary General, the draft agenda for the meetings.

The draft agenda as well as the files are communicated to the members at least 15 days before the meeting scheduled in the annual calendar, by the Secretary General of CIMA.

This period is reduced to 7 days for meetings not scheduled in the annual calendar, which are of an emergency nature.

Article VIII : Deliberations

The deliberations of the Commission are acquired by a simple majority of the members present or represented.

The President’s voice is decisive in the event of a tie.

Article IX : Votes

Votes cast during sessions of the Commission are by secret ballot.

Article X : Presidency

The Council of Ministers appoints the President on a proposal from the Commission.

In case of absence or incapacity, the Presidency is held by the oldest member of the full members present.

Article XI : Secretariat

The Secretariat is provided by the Secretary General of CIMA. He can be assisted by one or two of his collaborators.

Article XII : Works report

The work of the Commission is the subject of a report.

At the end of each session, the Commission adopts the collection of decisions.

A draft report is made available to each member no later than 15 days after the session, by the Secretary General.

Article XIII : Decisions

The decisions, recommendations, injunctions and sanctions taken by the Commission during a session are notified to the undertakings concerned and to the Minister in charge of the insurance sector in the Member State concerned, by the President no later than 15 days after the session. having given rise.

These acts will, as the case may be, be published in the official conference bulletin.

Article XIV : Recourses

The Secretary General shall notify the members of the Commission, within seven days of the date on which they become aware, of the appeals brought against the Council of Ministers.

He prepares the draft defense memorandum to be submitted to the Commission.

Article XV : Opinions or recommendations

The granting by the Minister in charge of the insurance sector of the approval requested by a company is subject to the assent of the Commission.

The Commission has two months to decide. Failure to reply at the end of this period implies acceptance.

As from the reception of a request for approval transmitted by a member State, the Secretary General informs the President within 3 days.

Article XVI : Disciplined

The member who cannot take part in a meeting of the Commission provided for in the annual calendar must notify the Secretary General at the latest 20 days before the holding of the said session.

The Secretary General informs the deputy at least 15 days before the meeting.

Objectivity characterizes the deliberations and opinions of the members of the Commission.

They abstain from all political, nationalist, regionalist or partisan considerations in the exercise of their functions.

Furthermore, they also refrain from any criticism of Commission positions, guidelines, recommendations and decisions.

Article XVII : Professional secret

The members of the Commission as well as the personalities sitting there without deliberative voice are bound by professional secrecy.

Article XVIII : Sanctions

In the event of a breach of professional secrecy or any other breach of the obligation to reserve or duty of probity, the Commission is called upon to deliberate on the case of the person accused and to forward, if necessary, his file to the Council of Ministers.

Article XIX : Financial arrangements

The operating expenses of the Commission are entered in the budget of the General Secretariat of CIMA.

They include: travel and subsistence expenses, the annual allowance for members and personalities sitting without voting rights, secretarial expenses as well as sickness and individual accident insurance for members during sessions.

The subsistence costs as well as the attendance allowance are provided for in the CIMA budget.

The compensation is paid in accordance with the provisions of article 8 of the statutes of the Commission.

Article XX : Change

Any member can request the modification of one or more provisions of the Internal Regulations according to the procedure provided for its adoption.

Article XXI : Coming into force

The present Internal Regulations take effect from the date of their adoption by the Regional Insurance Control Commission.

The President,