Family photo of the decorated staff

The Prime Minister of the Gabonese Republic, M. Emmanuel ISSOZE NGONDET (center) assisted by the Minister of Public Service, Jean-Marie OGANDAGA (far right) and the Minister of Labor Eloi NZONDO (third from left), have decorated the administrative and technical staff of the General Secretariat of CIMA. From the left to the right, the lucky recipients are :

  • Miss Virginie ILEMBE, silver medal ;

  • Miss Chimène MASSOUNGA NZAMBA, bronze and silver medals;

  • Mr Georges Salmon TEMBTEN, bronze medal;

  • Mr Bernard MBE BELOUMOU, gold medal;

  • Mrs Dénémadji Morgaï NGATTAI-LAM, bronze and silver medals;

  • Mr Jean-Hilaire ITSY, silver medal;

  • Miss Nadia IGONDJO, bronze medal;

  • Miss Alix Bertille NDJIENGUY, bronze medal;

  • Mr Patrick NZIENGUI, silver medal.